Instant Messenger with VPN support

Wippien uses XMPP protocol to communicate with any Jabber server of your choice. Once connected, it locates your contacts and shows their presence status. If you put (and authorize) someone to be on your contact list, you can then establish direct peer-to-peer connection with those contacts - just as they are plugged directly to your network switch. Direct connection is encrypted and secured. None of peers need to know real IP address of other peer - Wippien assigns temporary one for the session lifetime.

Wippien will connect you directly to your peers. It will assing unique IP address to represent that contact (such as You can then refer to those contacts through virtual IP address. No matter where you are, if you are behind firewall, if you use dial-up, DSL, cable network... You will have direct connection to your friends' computer! Complete communication with them will be encrypted using AES algorithm. As long as you can stay online, Wippien will make sure you're securely connected to your contacts too.



Wippien 1.0